All about Me!

My name is…..well to some it is Kel, I am also known as Mummy, Auntie, Beans, MoolBoots and more!

I am not a photographer, I am a mum, wife, blogger and full time worker who likes her camera, particularly her macro lens, hence the name of the blog. I do already blog over at Writings, Ramblings and Reviews which is where I Write, Ramble and Review all things family!  I love being a mum and it is a massive part of me, but this blog is just for me, for my snaps and for fun! That doesn’t mean there won’t be any family type photos, it just means that isn’t all there will be!

My photos won’t be perfect, and in the main won’t be touched up – I may now and again play about with photoshop but will always state when I do!

I hope you enjoy my photos!

All photos on this blog (unless otherwise stated) are © Copyright Macro Mum

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One thought on “All about Me!

  1. I love getting close-up views of what I’m photographing too! Neat Blog!

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